Real Estate

Bringing Buyers & Sellers Together

Our Mission

To make selling your property a painless and even rewarding experience. We accomplish this by implementing and controlling several factors that are critical to getting the most for your property in the least amount of time, while causing you the least amount of hassle. The first factor is getting your property on the market at the right time for the market to appeal to the best possible clientele of buyer. Next we make sure your property is listed for the correct price, this will get you the most competitive offers for your property in the least amount of time. Finally we ensure proper representation and marketing of your property through several listing services with professional photos to help your property stand out. These factors when used correctly together will sell your property for the most money in the least time with the least inconvenience.

Buying or Selling A Home

Buying or selling a home is a complex process with multiple factors needing to be managed concurrently. Typically only one agent can perform one function at a time. That’s why Ness Bros Real Estate has a Team of Professionals that work for you. From a dedicated marketing team member, to a listing manager, each member of the team has their own specialty to tend to while they all work together simultaneously as well as with your agent so they never run out of time for you! This helps us manage all the aspects of your home buying or selling experience without any bottlenecks that you’d normally experience when a single person attempts to manage all of these aspects alone.

What We Offer

VIP Buyer Programs & Multiple Selling Programs to choose from, with each program offering a different mix of marketing and communication methods. We will help find the right program that meets your needs as well as one that will perform the best in the current market.