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Budd’s Fish’n Hole

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Revolvers & Shotguns

  •  Thompson Classic Semiautomatic .22 Long Rifle, Blue/Walnut, comes with box, Serial#12639;
  • Browning BL-22 Caliber 22 Short,Long or Long Rifle BL-22, 20in barrel, Comes with Box, Grade 2, Serial#02707NN242;
  • Winchester Lever Action Rimfire Rifle Model 9422, Serial#FTF0559, Grade 1, 22 Rimfire Short, Long, Long Rifle, 20 1/2 in Barrel, Comes with Box;
  • Marlin 22 Caliber Lever Action Model 1897 CB (Cowboy), 24″ Octagon Barrel, Tubular Mag., Hammer block safety, Checkered Walnut Stock, Gunlock, Serial#00132275, Comes with Box;
  • Marlin 357 Magnum LA-Gunlock Model 94CB357, 24″ Octogon Barrel, 10 Shot Tubular Mag., American Walnut Checkered Stock, Serial#01002890, Comes with Box;
  • Marlin 22 Caliber Lever Action Model 1897 CL (Century Limited), Tubular Mag., Checkered Walnut Stock, Hammer Block Safety, Serial#18973157, Comes with Box;
  • Three Unknown (Older Gun) Rifles; Ruger 22 Caliber Long Rifle K10/22RB-CV Stainless, Model 01297, Serail#22-86739, Comes with Box;
  • Ruger 22 WIN.MAG.R.F Model Ninety-Six, Barska Scope Huntmaster 9-3×40, Serial#620-16305;
  • Ruger .22 Long Rifle Caliber Model 10/22 Carbine, Target Ruger, CatsEye Hunting Scope with Illuminated Reticle Fully Multi-Coated 1.5-4.5x32mm, Serial#241-98448;
  • O.F.Mossberg & Sons 22 Long Rifle Only Model 51M;
  • Marlin 22 Caliber W.M.R.F Only Model 1894 M-Groove Barrel, Serial#16033835;
  • Winchester 22 Caliber Automatic Rifle Model 1903, Serial# 17738; Winchester 22 Long Rifle Serial#117469;
  • Winchester 22 S.L. or L.R.Model 320, Bolt Action,, Serial#D41640;
  • Winchester 22 Short-Long & Long Rifle Model 67;
  • Winchester 22 Long Rifle Only Model 52, Bolt Action, Serial#50943A;
  • Ruger Old Army Black Powder Only, Serial#140-09423;
  • Smith & Wesson 32 Caliber Nickel, Serial#11325;
  • Smith & Wesson 32 Caliber Model CTGE., Herrington n& Richardson Arms Company, Blued, Serial#314176;
  • H&R Incorporated Sportsman 22 Caliber Model 999, 9 shot, Serial#AM56205;
  • A.S.M. 31 Caliber Made in Italy, Black Powder Only, Serial#E55448;
  • Bounty Hunter EAA HWM 22 Caliber WIN. Mag. R.F, Nickel, 9 rounds, Serial#Z9765;
  • Ruger .32 H&R Mag. New Model Single 6, New but no box, Serial#650-15130;
  • Colt 22 LR Single Action Frontier Scout, Serial#5154Q;
  • Ruger 22 Caliber New Model Single 6, 50 years of Single 6 1953-2003, New but no box, Serial# 268-40026;
  • ERMA.LA 22 Serial#10612;
  • Armi San Marco 44 Caliber Pistol Comes with Box; Black Powder Only;
  • Stoeger Luger .22 L.R. Caliber Automatic Pistol Comes with Box, Model STLR-4, Serial#81778;
  • Taurus Tracker .22 Mag.4 inch barrel, Model M991 22 Mag. 9 shot, FT636320 Comes with Box;
  • Colt 9mm Luger Model IV/ Series 70, Serial#70L20754;
  • Colt 45 Caliber Model of 1911.US.Army, Essex Arms Corp., Serial#28714, Comes with Box;
  • Ruger 22 LR/22 WMRF New Model Single 6, Revolver, Model 00624, 6 R.H., Serial#265-76359 Comes with Box;
  • Ruger 17 HMR Caliber New Model Single 6, Revolver, Model 00661, 6 R.H., Serial#265-79888 Comes with Box;
  • Ruger 22 Caliber New Bear Cat, Serial#93-68663 Comes with Box;
  • Ruger 22LR   Model 00621, 6 R.H., Serial#264-11500 Comes with Box;
  • Ruger 357 Mag. Caliber Model 00581, 8 R.H., Serial#58-83537 Comes with Box;
  • Henry .22 Caliber S/L/LR Model H001ML, Comes with Box, Serial#HML008932;
  • 9mm Ruger Revolver Including Box, Manual, Chamber lock, Speed loads, and holster, Serial#154062600; 9MM Luger Ruger LCR, Model 05456, Ionbond Diamond black, Speed load ammo & Case;
  • 22 Revolver Ruger Including Box, Gun Case, cylinder lock, Manual, Serial#54814068; Caliber .22 LR Ruger, Model 05410, Synergistic Har; Sig Sauer 45 Auto Including Case & 8 magazines, replacement sight, and manual, Serial#37A021726; 45 Auto Sig Sauer, P220R, 45, Nitron, Slite, DA/SA;
  • Sig Sauer 40 S&W Including Case & two magazines, Manual, and holster, Serial#50A005524; 40 S&W Sig Sauer, P224, 40sw, NHNTI;
  • 40 Caliber Glock Including TLR-2 Steamlight, Case & 4 magazines & 2 loaded magazines, and two magazine covers, 2 belt holder for magazines, Manual, lock, Tungsten Guide Rod, Serial#LDU550; 40 Caliber
  • Glock 9 mm Glock Includes Case, 7 magazines, 2 belt holsters, slide lock, Extended slide lock, Professional Trigger System, Replacement sights and ammo, Manual, Serial#BARY003 Model 43 9×19;
  • 45 Auto Glock Includes Case, 4 loaded magazines & 2 magazines, 4 magazine holsters, 1 magazine cover, ammo, Manual, Serial#HXH069;  Model 36
  • 9mm Glock Includes Case, 2 loaded magazines & 1 magazines, 2 additional grip adjustments, Manual, Serial#XXG886; 19 Gen4 9×19;
  • Mossberg 530 12gauge Shotgun Includes Gun Case, Serial#M590A1;
  • Ruger Mini-14 223 Caliber Includes Gun Case, 7 variable size magazines, Manual, Serial#19623317;
  • Ruger 20 gauge over & under shotgun With adjustable chokes and tool & lock, Includes hard gun case, Serial#40060654;
  • Rock River Arms 223 Caliber With an aim point red dot scope, slide lock, ammo bag with knife & 10 fully loaded magazines, Includes hard case and Manual, Serial#KT1124069;
  • Rock River 308 With a bipod, with fix sight, slide lock, 5 magazines, includes hard case and manual, Serial#UT105392;
  • Henry Pump Action .22 LR Includes Box, Serial#P14220T, ModelH003T;
  • 10/22 Ruger Semiautomatic mini-14 ranch rifle Auto loading rifle, includes Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Matte Nikoplex comes with box, 7 magazines, spare trigger, extra barrel, slide lock, Serial#25891423, Model 10/22 .22LR Caliber.

Archery Bows & Accessories

  •  Black Widow Bow Cross Grain Graybark, Premium Wood 15 arrows with natural turkey feathers handcrafted, Serial#15124, 46H x 56″ 55 pounds 26″ draw Precision Crafted;
  • Black Widow Bow Graybark, Comes with Stringer, & 3 arrows and arrow holder, 3 River Archery 500 8.0 gpi arrows traditional only, Serial#111054, PSR ll 56″ 54 pounds 26″ draw Precision Crafted;
  • HOYT Archery Bow With tool kit, Stablizer, Arrow Spine Tester, Fletchings, Serving Spools, Field Points, Height 60-70, Strength 26.0-29.5, String 59.25, P.O. 46.25, 27-29″ Draw Length, 45″ axel to axel 70 pounds, limbs set at 65 pounds, needs new string;
  • Tomahawk Recurve Bow with Stringer Tomahawk bows Diamond Series, 61 pounds at 28″, 58″ AMO Serial#10210;
  • Tomahawk Recurve Bow with Stringer Tomahawk bows Diamond Series, 60 pounds at 28″, 62″ AMO Serial#14326;
  • Quivers & Gloves & Arrow 2 Quivers, 3 Gloves, & 14 Arrows Traditional Only 500 8.0 gpi;
  • X 7 Easton Eclipse Arrows 12 Easton Eclipse Arrows 2314 with Case;
  • X 7 Easton Eclipse Arrows; 32 Easton Eclipse Arrows 2512, 8 have never been cut, shafts included; Block Classic
  • Archery Target The Classic Open-Layered Archery Target, Patented open layered design stops arrows with friction, not force.

Gun Accessories –  Ammo –  Safes –  Knives

  •  Gun Safe 25.9in x 59 in, Stack-On 28 Gun Fire Resistant, Waterproof, Convertible Safe with Electronic Lock, Do not have code to safe, Do have two Keys;
  • Gun Safe Blue, Fire Protection Mercury Class 1 30 minutes, California Department of Justice Approved, dimensions: 20x20x40;
  • SENTRY Gun Safe Green, Serial#G163708 Model#R3920, dimensions: 16x21x59;
  • INCASE bag & BSA Air Rifle Scope One strap bag INCASE, BSA Air Rifle Scope w/adjustable objective & Target Turrets 4×32 MM with Box, Nikon box with scope adjusters ***SCOPE NOT INCLUDED***;
  • Sight Master Pro made by Glock *UNLOAD PISTOL* US Patent 8910413;
  • Choke Tubes & Scope Mount 20 gauge choke tubes (2sk and one full), scope ring mounts, scope mount, and signature zee rings;
  • Gun Cases & Holsters & magazine Holders; Four individual Gun Holsters, & Waist strap with 12 magazine holders, and one gun holster as well as extra pouch, 3 hand gun cases;
  • Silencer Magnum Ear Cover QD Quick Detachable Super Swivels, Hoppes Rifle Cleaning Kit;
  • Cleaning Kit for Guns Cleaning Kit & Cleaning Lubricants;
  • 7.62 x 51 147 grain rounds 10 boxes;
  • 223 rounds Estimated 500 rounds;
  • 223 rounds Estimated 800 rounds;
  • 45 Auto rounds 10 boxes and ammo box;
  • 12 gauge double 00 buck shot 16 boxes and ammo box; 12 gauge shot gun shells;
  • 40 Caliber Rounds;
  • 20 gauge shot gun shells;
  • 308 Rounds;
  • 22 LR Rounds;
  • 22 LR Rounds;
  • 45 Auto Rounds;
  • 9mm rounds1 box 9mm 115 grain (350 rounds); 9mm estimated 150 rounds of 147 grain;
  • 9mm rounds 9 mm 115,124,135, 147 grain rounds;
  • 45 Auto Rounds; 2 Gerber Knives Includes knife covers;
  • 3 Cold Steel Knives Includes knife covers, and small case pocket knife, and dagger; SOG knife,
  • 3 Smith & Wesson Knives Includes knife cover, 3 Smith & Wesson Knives 2 knife covers included in Smith & Wesson, 1 CASE pocket knife, DMT Diamond Whetstone, small dagger, and sharpener;
  • Cargo Hauler for Reece Hitch; Paper Tune Bracket & Chronograph Electronics.



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Thank You for your interest in this offering. If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to one of our representatives.

Ness Bros is a Licensed and Insured Auction Company AC39600001

— GUN TERMS & CONDITIONS: All guns must be transferred, picked up, or shipped through Bud’s Fish’n Hole located @ 908 W. Markle Rd., Huntington, IN 46750. There will be a transfer fee per gun charged by Bud’s Fish’n Hole upon pickup. Shipping is available at buyer’s expense. Please have the FLL in your area contact Bud’s Fish’n Hole for all transfers out of state.

GUN TRANSFER LOCATION FOR NON-LICENSEE’S: Bud’s Fish’n Hole is a federal firearms licensee. Before any firearm is transferred into your possession, you will have to fill out a 4473 and pass a background check. All background checks, transfers and related actions will have to be completed at  908 W. Markle Rd., Huntington, IN 46750.  Federal Firearms Licensee’s may take possession of firearms purchased by them on the pickup date of the auction provided they have a current, valid FFL. Non-FFL’s must pass a background check at the time they pick up their firearms on a day designated by the Auctioneer. FELONS: If you are a convicted felon, even if you have had your right to vote restored, you may not be able to own or possess firearms. Please do not bid on these weapons unless you have been issued a possessory number by the BATF. SHOTGUNS & RIFLES: Bud’s Fish’n Hole can convey long guns to you in the State of Indiana if you are from another state, provided that the long gun being conveyed is legal in the state where you reside. HANDGUNS: If you are from a state other than the State of Indiana, we cannot transfer a handgun to you. You will have to give the name and contact information for a federal firearms licensee in your area, and Bud’s Fish’n Hole will transfer the handgun to the licensee and he will have to transfer it to you. That licensee may charge you an additional fee for that service. This does not apply to long guns. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE OR RELATED OFFENSES: If you have ever been convicted of a crime involving domestic violence, whether it was a misdemeanor or felony, you may not possess firearms under Federal Law. If you are currently under a restraining order or charges of any kind related to a domestic situation, you may not possess firearms under Federal Law. POSSESSION OF PURCHASED FIREARMS: You will not be given possession of firearms purchased until your payment has been processed and you fill out the appropriate paperwork and pass the background check. BACKGROUND CHECK STATUS DENIED: If you purchase a weapon and are denied, you cannot bring someone else in to get a background check done. The background check is on the bidder only. If you are the successful high bidder and are denied on the background check, we reserve the right to place the firearm in the next available auction event and will resell it for you. You will be charged a 25% commission on the sale.