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Seller  James E. Springer

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Lot # 181 – Contents of the Basement Whirpool Dehumidifier, Net Gear 16 Port Gig Switch, Dell Power Connect 2816, Watchguard XTM 2 Series, Edgewater Networks 4550 Series, Dell Optiplex 9010, ThinkServer Lenovo TS150, Fishing Rod, Antique Floor Lamp and Wooden Bench and Chair


Lot # 182 – Contents of Kitchen Whirpool Refrigerator (66″ tall by 32.5″wide) Model: ED22DQXBN00, Serial# SD2417097, Set of Small Glass cups, Long Light bulb, 3 small trash containers, 2 fire extinguishers, little antique tractor and train cart, Chair Mat, and Miscellaneous


Lot # 183 – Contents of Office Room Office Desk (29.5″tall & 73″ long by 36″ wide), Executive Chair, 2 Customer Chairs, Clock, Seaskate Print, Old Notary Stamps, Contents on desk NOT included


Lot # 184 – Contents of Back Office Cabinet Desktop (37.5″ tall & 5′ long by 13.5″ deep), Table/Desk (27″ tall & 4′ long by 30″deep), Corner Table/Desk (27″ tall & 26″across front by 48″ across both back sides by 54″ deep), Corner Desktop Cabinet (37.5″ tall & 36″ from edges to corner by 27″ deep), Table/Desk (27″ tall & 4′ long by 30″ wide), Little Table/Desk section (27″ tall & 30″wide by 36″long), Brass Lamp, Door Mirror, Swintec Typewriter, Office Supplies, Office Chair, Hot Plate, Chair Mat, and Miscellaneous


Lot # 185 – Contents of Office Room 2 Desk (29″ tall & 6′ long by 3′ wide), Executive Chair, 2 Customer Chairs, Cabinet missing top (2′ tall & 4’long by 2’wide), and Rug


Lot # 186 – Contents of Front Desk Room Desk can break into sections, Corner Table/Desk (29″ tall & 25″across the front by 51″deep by 46.5″ along the sides to the corner) with Keyboard Tray, Middle Table/Desk (29″ tall & 36″long by 29.5″wide), End Table/Desk with Cabinets (29″ tall & 26″ long by 30″ wide), Small Stand (26″ tall & 34.5″long by 18″wide), Multiple Partitions: Red Colored Partition is (60″tall by 60″wide), Corner Partition with Window Cutout (window cut out is 16″x16.5″)(Partition is 60″ tall by 24″ wide), Corner Partition comes with Detached Shelf (60″tall by 48″wide), Partition with Cut out Window (Window cut out is 28″x14″) (Partition is 60″ tall by 36″ wide), End with Detached Shelf (60″ tall by 36″wide), End Cap is (60″ tall by 17″wide), Office Chair, and Chair Mat


Lot # 187 – Contents of Conference Room Circle Table (29″ tall & 54″diameter), with 4 Chairs, and Executive Chair, and Law Books


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