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PLUS 20+ Sets of Multiple Brands of Golf Clubs and Bags
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Seller  Charles Parent GOA John Parent

Lot#  Description

240  Above Ground Pool Diameter is 27′ 4″. Includes the pool accessories in the green house.
251  Inlaid wood stand Wooden End Table
252  Coat Hanger Turn wood design on stand
253  Contents of Shelving Pictures, books, Little jewelry chests, Beam Model Cae, Wooden Car, & Tin Signs
254  Wooden Stand & Contents Wooden Stand, Ceramic bunny Tea Pot & 3 Little ceramic bunnies, Crackle glass bowl
255  Fireplace Décor Hand Irons, Wooden Clock, Vases, Rug, miscellaneous décor
256  Living Room Contents on Main floor Wooden Coffee Table, Lamp, Entertainment Stand for TV, Bird House, Mirrors, Pictures & Paintings, Couches & Ottoman, Miscellaneous
257  Miscellaneous Tools Hammers, Sledge Hammer, Grass Shears, Power Strips, Tape Measurers, & Miscellaneous
258  Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Vintage Singer Sewing Machine & Case
259  Dining set with 3 chairs Dining Table Set with 3 Chairs
260  Dining room contents Figurines, Wooden Golf Cart, Mozart books, Decorative Plates, Stained glass angel, Sea skate print, Tripod, Rugs, Rake, Broom, Decorative Trash Canister
261  KitchenAid Refrigerator 14.3 cubic foot fridge, 5.5 cubic foot freezer, Model#KTRS20M
262  Contents of South West side of Kitchen (side where door and windows are) Kitchen Wooden Cupboard, Cleaning supplies, Wiring, Kitchen Utensils & Butter Knives, & Miscellaneous
263  Contents of North West side of Kitchen Kitchen Wooden Cabinet/Shelf, Canister, Vases, Hummingbird feeder, Crock pitcher, basket, wall hangings, & Miscellaneous
264  GE Electric Stove GE Electric Stove, includes Skillets and Pans
265  Contents of North East side of Kitchen Cutlery set, Microwave, Pitcher, Crockpot, Rugs, Cleaning supplies & Miscellaneous
266  Contents of Bedroom 1, Samsung TV serial#B0Z43CAYB01400T SteamVac Hoover Vacuum, Dresser (one drawer broken), Rolling Metal Stand, Decorative Light House, Samsung TV, pictures, hangers, & Miscellaneous
267  Contents of Bedroom 2 & contents in linen closet Bedroom Set with Dressers, comforter, pictures, Shoes, radio, vaporizer, fishing rod & foot bath, iron, towels, & Miscellaneous
268  Contents of front doorway Wooden Stand, Garden Stones, Fire Extinguisher, Wooden Airplane Shelf, & Miscellaneous
269  Draft Table & chair, & contents on top of draft table Draft table & Chair, fax machine, Envelopes, & Miscellaneous
270  4 Schwinn Bikes Schwinn Traveler bicycle, Schwinn Collegiate 3, Schwinn Suburban, bike with Schwinn Seat
271  Frigidaire Electric Stove & pans Frigidaire Electric Oven Range, Pans
272  Kenmore Refrigerator Kenmore Refrigerator
273  Wooden Claw foot Pedestal Circle Table Claw Foot Pedestal Table
274  Contents of Upstairs Heater, Chair, Pots, Hoover Elite Supreme vacuum, wooden desk, fire extinguisher, 4 village homes, fireplace accessories upstairs, coffee table, water bed frame, microwave, cleaning supplies, books, shoes, hats, wall hangings, AB Lounge 2, Body By Jake Ab & Back Plus, workout equipment, Sanyo Box TV, hangers, & Miscellaneous
275  John Deere Garden Tractor D140 Hours is 120.4, one light is out on front of mower
276  Records 45 RMP records
277  Electric Kenmore Heavy Duty Solid State Automatic Sensor Dryer Wrinkle Guard II Working Condition
278  PerforMax 10″ Table Saw PerforMax 10″ Table Saw Serial#WP072166
280  Buffalo 14″ Vertical Ban Saw Capacity Buffalo 14″ Vertical Ban Saw Capacity: 6″, Table: 14″x14″, Motor: 3/4HP 1PH, Blade: 92″ L, Serial#8612096
279  3 Sleds – 1 Sled is Rocket Plane 3 Sleds
281  Miscellaneous golf clubs with Bag Wilson, Maxfli, Pinnacle, Fission, Pro Edge, Fireline, Spalding, Pitching Duty, Power Tour Golf Clubs
282  Miscellaneous golf clubs with Bag Tourney, Wilson, Ram Golf Clubs
283  Miscellaneous golf clubs with Bag Templar, Tour Classic, Mac Gregor, Titleist, Burner Taylor Made, Triumph Vertex, TPS Gulf Clubs
284  Miscellaneous golf clubs with Bag ZT, Wilson, Dalwa, Power Bilt Golf Clubs
285  Miscellaneous golf clubs with Bag Dunlop, Mac Gregor, Ram, Wilson, Golden Bear, Hogan Gulf Clubs
286  Wilson Staff Golf Clubs with Bag Wilson Staff 1-9 Gulf Clubs
287  PGA T-Line Golf Clubs with Bag PGA T-Line 1-10 Golf Clubs
288  Miscellaneous golf clubs with Bag Kroydon, PW, GINTY, Tour Edge, Wilson, Arnold Palmer, PreLude, Nicklaus, Tour Classic Golf Clubs
289  Miscellaneous golf clubs with Bag Wilson, Taylor Made, King Cobra, Billy Club, Insight Golf Clubs
290  Miscellaneous golf clubs with Bag La Jolla, Ben Hogan, Staff Golf Clubs
291  Miscellaneous golf clubs with Bag GM2, Acuity, Wilson, Taylor Made, Citation Golf Clubs
292  Wilson Staff Golf Clubs with Bag Wilson Staff 3-9 Golf Clubs
293  Wilson Staff Golf Clubs Wilson Staff 1-9 Golf Clubs
294  Wilson Staff Golf Clubs Wilson Staff 1-9 Gulf Clubs
295  Wilson Staff Golf Clubs Wilson Staff 1-9 Golf Clubs
296  Water Hagen Golf Clubs Water Hagen 3-9 Golf Clubs
297  Wilson Staff Golf Clubs Wilson Staff 1-9 Golf Clubs
298  Wilson Staff Golf Clubs Wilson Staff 3-9 Golf Clubs
299  Miscellaneous golf clubs with Bag Northwestern Golf Co., H&B, Louisville Slugger, Hogan Golf Clubs
300  Miscellaneous golf clubs with Bag Prelude, Wilson Golf Clubs
301  Miscellaneous golf clubs with Bag Spalding, Wilson, La Jolla, Aquity, Mac Gregor Golf Clubs
302  Miscellaneous golf clubs with Bag PowerBilt, PGA, Titleist, H&B, King Cobra Golf Clubs
303  Miscellaneous golf clubs with Bag Tour Series, RAM, Spalding, Dunlop, Titleist Golf Clubs
304  3 different golf clubs with 2 golf bags 2 Golf Bags, Golf Cart, Golf Shoes, Golf Balls, DRLIMER, Series VI Custom, & Solaris Golf Clubs, & large net bag of golf balls
305  Work Bench & Contents Work Bench & Contents
306  Contents of Storage room in basement Magic Chef Refrigerator ( Unknown condition of Refrigerator is not plugged in), Tennis Rackets, Basket, Cleaning Supplies, Out Door Furniture Cushions, & Miscellaneous
307  Rockwell International Miter Saw Rockwell International Miter Saw Model: 34010
308  Miscellaneous Tools Weed wackers, Rake, Shovels, Sledge Hammers, Hedge Trimmer, Axe, pitchfork
309  Contents of Shelving, and shelving Miscellaneous tools, Table & Plastic Shelving, Rope, Wooden Box, Cleaning Supplies
310  Push Toro Lawn Mower Toro SR4 Lawn Mower
311  2 Wooden Step Ladders 2 Wooden Step Ladders
312  Wheel Barrel Wheel Barrel
313  Contents of Garage Extension cords, Shoes & Boots, Crutches, Mole Traps, Wiring, Chicken Fencing, Circle Wooden Table, Woven Baskets, Brooms, Coolers, Lights, Lawn Fencing, Blinds, Wicker Rocker, Lawn Chairs, tools, cleaning supplies, lawn torches, Umbrella, & Miscellaneous
314  car jack and umbrella for a table and lawn torches car jack and umbrella for a table and lawn torches and canopy
315  Contents of Greenhouse Gardening Tools, Gardening Pots, Plastic chairs, Garden Hoses, & Miscellaneous (Does NOT include the Pool accessories)
316  Grill Master includes brushes on grill Grill Master
317  Lawn Arbor with doors Arbor
318  Gazebo Gazebo
319  Lawn Décor, Outside Contents 2 Chairs, Table, Pots, Little wood burner, 2 Bird Baths, Sundial, Ceramic Ducks, bench, Planter, Half Barrel, & Miscellaneous


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