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ONLINE ESTATE SALE – LARGE Lifetime Collection of Toy Train Sets and Toy Tractors 1/16 Scale

PLUS 1975 Porsche 914 Yellow Convertible Restored
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Seller  Anna Nash

1 Metal cabinet and contents Metal Cabinet& contents, 30 in W X 67 in H X 16 in D, level, wooden windmill, wire, drawers with wire, train track & misc train cars, N & HO track tansformers, Lionel Clock & semi truck models
2 Tressle & wood fence Tressle in Boix and 4 sections of wood fence on top of cabinet, cabinet sold separately
3 Prints 2 framed train prints
4 Train controller Wire, solder, staples & controller
5 Train Misc Assorted Train track in metal box
6 Wood cabinet with shelves Wood cabinet with shelves 4 ft. X 20 3/4 W X 1 ft D, and contents, includes train cars, controller and Mug that makes sounds
7 Plastic Cart Plastic cart with 3 drawers on rollers with contents, misc train items 15 1/2 in X 22 in X 27 in H
8 Lighted Model Train Layout Lighted Model Train Layout complete with trains, track (not fastened down), Buildings,etc. Layout is in U shape, 8 ft W X 20 ft long, 35 in tall, HO & 27 gauge, 27 G, Union Pacific, Nickel Plate Road, Pennsylvania, Erie Miller etc, BNS Engine 9400, HO g Erie/Allied, Tank cars, John Deere cars with Tractors. NICE
9 Garden Train with accessories Garden Train set with accessories, Nylint Truck/car and NAPA pickup
10 Windmill Metal model windmill
11 Train Set American Flyer Lines train set with 2 bar metal track & electric cords
12 DVD & VCR tapes on railroading DVD & VCR tapes of railroading & instructions for setting up the layout
13 CocaCola Christmas Train set Coca Cola Christmas Train set in display case
14 Lionel Wind Mill in box and assorted track Lionel Windmill in box, Lionel Tressle , assorted train track, Contents of shelving, does not include shelving, Tyco Trestle, HO Bachmann Train set, Bridge, American Flyer, Stnte Fe Train & cars 1095 etc.
15 Model Railroad Magazines 3 boxes of Model Railroad Magazines
16 Antique Lionel items Antique Lionel items, 2 cabooses, Tool box of Antique controllers, and Antique Lionel Tin Train cars
17 Old Wood Storage Chest with latch Old wood storage chest with latch, Green & Red, inset panels, Divided Tray inside 20 1/4 in X 41 in X 16 in D
78 Oak Lighted Display Cabinet (Nice for Toy tractors) Very nice Oak Lighted Display Cabinet with 4 glass doors & 4 drawers, glass shelves, 2 sections 90 in W X 7 ft H X 21 in D, Bottom section is 23 in
79 John Deere Tractor John Deere 430 T tractor with Flare Box Wagon in Box, Ertl 1/16 scale
80 John Deere Tractor John Deere 540 TA John Deere M in Box, by Ertl Collectors Edition Series III 1/16 scale
81 John Deere Tractor John Deere 15122A 330 Green & 430 Red Dubuque Collector Set in Box by Ertl 1/16 scale
82 John Deere Tractor John Deere 15344A 50 for 2 bottom plow and 60 for 3 bottom plow, 50th Anniversary Collector Set in box by Ertl 1/16
83 John Deere Tractor John Deere 15469A 40 & 70 Series tractors, 50th Anniversary Collector set in Box by Ertl 4/16 scale
84 Antique Corn Sheller Antique Corn Sheller in box 1/8 scale # 5060 in Box by Ertl
85 John Deere Tractor John Deere 1937 Model “L” with Hercules Engine & 1 bottom plow in Box JDM 216 by Spec Cast 1/16 scale
86 John Deere Tractor JD 15007 JD 9300T Tractor 1/16 scale by Ertl
87 John Deere Tractor John Deere 530 Tractor Collector Edition with heat houser & tire chains, 50th Anniversary 30 series b y Ertl 1/16 scale, DVD is NOT included, it is missing
88 Minneapolis Tractor Minneapolis “U” Collector Edition in Box, 2001 Tri State Gas Engine Show Tractor 1/16 scale by Spec Cast
89 Oliver HG Crawler Oliver HG Crawler in Box, (Agco) by Ertl 13079 1/16 scale
90 Case Steam Engine Case Steam Traction Engine, 14024, Millennium Farm Classic by Ertl in Box 1/16 scale
91 Oliver Super 77 Tractor Oliver Super 77 with #82 mower, 2006 Official Tractor for Summer Farm Toy Show by Spec Cast 1/16 scale, 1st in a Series of Units with attachments
92 Oliver 880 Tractor Oliver 880 Tractor, stock # SCW-009 wide front end by Spec Cast 1/16 scale in Box
93 Oliver 770 Tractor Oliver 770 with New Idea 504 Loader in Box by Spec Cast, 1/16 scale, 2008 Official Show Tractor, 50th Anniversary of the Oliver 770 Tractor, World Pork Expo
94 Oliver 2655 tractor Oliver 2655 4 WD in Box #13803, believe it has never been opened, by Ertl 1/32 scale
95 Oliver 990 W GM Diesel Tractor Oliver 990 With GM Diesel (Agco), Highly Detailed, SCT268, by Spec Cast, 1/16 scale
96 Oliver 77 Diesel tractor Oliver 77 Diesel wide front tractor, highly detailed, in Box, highly detailed, by Spec Cast, 1/16 scale
97 Oliver 770 Diesel Tractor Oliver 770 Diesel Tractor in Box by Spec Cast, 1/16 scale
98 OC-12 Diesel Crawler OC-12 Diesel Crawler with Blade in Box, highly detailed, by Spec Cast, 1/16 scale
99 1959 Dodge Charger-General Lee General Lee, The Dukes of Hazard Joy Ride, 1959 Dodge Charger, in Box, Detailed Engine & Interior, 125 scale
100 John Deere Tractor John Deere Overtime Tractor Blueprint Replica Toys, #5607 1/32 scale and New Holland Tri State Gas Engine Stock # CUST 428 by Spec Cast, Liberty Classics (2 pcs.)
101 Oliver Row Crop 70-Tractor Oliver Row Crop 70 All American Tractor Resin Replica by Spec Cast, Limited Edition in Box, 1/16 scale
102 Oliver 77 Diesel Tractor Oliver 77 Diesel Tractor in Box by Spec Cast, highly Detailed 1/16 scale
103 1976 International Harvester 1066 Toy Tractor Times 1976 International Harvester 1066 Tractor in Box, by Ertl, Big 70’s Power Series, 23rd Anniversary Tractor, 1/16 scale
104 1995 Ferrari F50 Car Made in Italy 1995 Ferrari F50 Car, Burago, Made in Italy, 118 scale, in Box, Die cast with plastic parts
105 International Harvester W450D Tractor International Harvester W450D Tractor in Box, highly Detailed, Diesel tractor with wide front end, by Spec Cast, 1/16 scale, Classic Series
106 Case IL Farmall Super M Tractor Case IH 14270, Farmall Super M (McCormick Farmall) in Box, 1/16 scale, 2006 Tri State Show Tractor
107 Farmall Super MTA Tractor Farmall Super MTA tractor with 1 row McCormick pull type picker by Ertl, 1/64 scale
108 International Cockshutt Cub tractor International Cockshutt Cub, Cockshutt 1555-wide front tractor in box, 4105TA, by Ertl, 1/16 scale, August 11-14, 1994, Lagrange, IN
109 White Cockshutt 1655 tractor White Cockshutt 1655 Tractor, 417900 in box by Ertl, 1/16 scale
110 1931 Hawkeye Flatbed truck with Farmall 350 Tractor 1931Hawkeye Flatbed Truck with Farmall 350 Tractor, detailed Die Cast Metal, Big A Auto Parts Limited Edition, #8 in BA Collector’s Series, 1/32 scale in Box
111 New Holland Ford NAA Tractor New Holland Ford NAA Tractor with Canopy , 13561 in Box, by Ertl, 1/16 scale
112 Cockshutt 59 tractor National Farm Toy Museum Dyersville, IA, Cockshutt 50 1953-1957 Tractor in Box, by Ertl, 1/16 scale
113 Cockshutt 20 tractor National Farm Toy Show, Dyersville,IA 1989, Cockshutt 20 Tractor, 4126-PA , # 3049 in Box, by Ertl 1/16 scale
114 Oliver Cockshutt 550 Tractor Oliver Cockshutt 550 tractor in Box, 1/16 scale
115 Cockshutt 40 Red Tractor Cockshutt 40 tractor, Red in Box, National Farm Show Tractor by Ertl
116 Universal Co-Op #2 Tractor Universal Co-op #2 Limited Edition, 5th in a Series Exclusively from Co-op, 4195, CUST619 by Ertl in Box, 1/16 scale
117 Universal Co-op E2 tractor Universal Co-op E-2 Tractor, Limited Edition, 2nd in a Series exclusively from Co-op, in Box, #3065, 2655TA by Ertl, 1/16 scale
118 Universal Co-op #1 Tractor Universal Co-op #1 Tractor, 4th in a Series exclusively from Co-op 0277 in Box by Ertl
119 Allis Chalmers G with Plow Tractor Allis Chalmers G tractor with plow, Made in USA, 2008 43rd Antique Engine & Tractor Show, Tri State Gas & Engine Show, Portland, IN by Scale Models in BOX, 1/16 scale
120 Cockshutt 77 Row Crop Tractor Cockshutt 77 Row Crop Tractor Collector Edition in Box, made by Spec Cast in USA, Stock SCT109, 1/16 scale
121 580 Super Cockshutt Tractor International Cockshutt 580 Super Cockshutt wide front end, in box,for International Cockshutt Show, June 1989 in Marion OH, 1509, 4131QA, 1/16 scale. There were only 3 actual Super 580 tractors manufactured and only 1 still exists today.
122 Cockshutt 20 Deluxe Tractor Cockshutt 20 Deluxe tractor,1989 National Farm Toy Museum, 4127-PA , 3179 in Box, by Ertl, 1/16 scale
123 Massey-Harris Challenger tractor Massey-Harris Challenger Vintage Agricultural Tractor, in Box,1103 by Ertl, 1/16 scale
124 Massey-Harris 44 Tractor Massey-Harris 44 tractor in box, 1133, by Ertl, 1/16 scale
125 Cockshutt 40 Deluxe Tractor, Cockshutt 40 Deluxe Tractor, National Farm Toy Museum, 4123 -PA in Box 2818 by Ertl, 1/16 scale
126 Schylling Tractor & Trailer TIN Toy VERY NICE Schylling Tractor & Trailer with box, Clock Work Wind up Motor, Gear Box with 3 Forward gears & Reverse, Hand Brake, Working Steering, and trailer detaches, Tin Toy Made in Czeck, VERY NICE
127 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Trailer Rig Winner’s Circle-Trailer Rig/NASCAR/Dale Earnhardt Jr. 2002 All Star Game #8 With Box
128 1953 NAA Ford Golden Jubilee Tractor 1953 NAA Ford Golden Jubilee 50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition, Highly detailed tractor with Medallion13630A by Ertl, 1/16 scale
129 Case Spirit of 76 1570 Tractor The Toy Tractor Times CASE Spirit of ’76 1570 Tractor in Box, 2 wheel drive tractor, 22nd Anniversary Tractor 16141A, by Ertl, 1/16 scale
130 Cockshutt hat/coat hanger Cockshutt Hat/Coat Hanger & Cockshutt watering can, 2 items
131 Do-It-Best Semi truck & trailer Do-It-Best Metal Semi Turck & Trailer by Ertl, 1/64 scale
132 Cockshutt 560 Tractor Cockshutt 560 Tractor by Ertl, 1/16 scale
133 Cockshutt 60 Tractor Cockshutt 60 Tractor by Ertl, 1/16 scale
134 Cockshutt 540 tractor Cockshutt 540 Tractor by Ertl, 1/16 scale
135 IH 586 tractor International Harvester 586 tractor by Ertl, 1/16 scale
136 John Deere 4960 Tractor John Deere 4960 Tractor by Ertl, 1/16 scale
137 2 Cockshutt 30 tractors 2 Cockshutt 30 Tractors, 1 narrow front, 1 wide front, the axle is broken, with Canadian Ant. Tract Series 2 Medallion
138 RIL Limited Edition Engine IH Replica Limited Edition Engine, 2nd in a Series, 1992, 1 of 5,000 made with box, probably 1/16 scale
139 McCormick Engine Quality Farm & Fleet McCormick Engine, 1 of 3,000
140 Oliver 1555 Tractor Oliver 1555 Tractor
141 Oliver 66 Tractor Oliver 66 Tractor
142 Oliver Row Crop with Wagon Oliver Row Crop tractor with Wagon
143 Metal Oliver Bank 1/16 Scale Metal Advertising sign-Oliver Bank, National Oliver Show 2009, Limited Edition Collector Bank in Box, by Spec Cast
144 New Holland CX880 Combine New Holland CX880 Combine, cast & plastic BRITANS 1/16 scale
145 Case IHC engine Case IHC miniature Engine in Box, by Ertl, 1/8 scale
146 Massey-Ferguson 3020 Tractor Massey-Ferguson 3070 Tractor 1/16 scale
147 Massey-Ferguson 3650 tractor Massey-Ferguson 3650 tractor , 1/16 scale
148 toy tractors Toy tractors, Field Pro Harvest Tractor, Kubota Lawn tractor & Mower & Red Generic tractor 1/64 scale
149 Antique Yale Padlock & Key VERY NICE Antique YALE padlock and key, Signal Dept. Nickel RR Plate on the side, Made in the USA, by Yale Town Mfg. Co NICE
150 Semi truck & 2 tractors Semi truck with MAC on the door, & 2 tractors, Farmall 460’s 1/64 scale
151 2 Ford Tractors 2 Ford tractors, no model number, 1 with canopy & 2 bottom plow, 1/16 scale
152 toy tractors Allis Chalmers WD45, 1150 Fordson Tractor, Case Combine & 2 red cast tractors, 1 Moline, 1 unknown, various sizes
153 Co-op #3 tractor Co-op #3 tractor by Ertl
154 Universal Co-op tractor Universal Co-op Tractor, 6th in a Series by Ertl
155 Cockshutt 770 Tractor Cockshutt 770 Tractor by Ertl
156 Cockshutt 1350 Tractor Cockshutt 1350 Tractor #47 of 50 made by Ertl
157 White Cockshutt 1855 Tractor White Cockshutt 1855 Tractor by Ertl
158 Co-op #3 LP tractor Co-op #3 LP Tractor by Ertl
159 Cockshutt 88 Tractor Cockshutt 88 Tractor with wide front end by Ertl
160 E-2 Co-op Tractor E-2 Co-op Tractor by Ertl
161 Co-op E-3 Tractor Co-op E-3 Tractor by Ertl
162 Co-op E-4 Tractor Co-op E-4 Tractor with Narrow Front end by Ertl
163 E-5 Co-op Tractor E-5 Co-op Tractor with Wide front end by Ertl
164 Oliver-Cockshutt & Farmall H tractors Steel Wheel Oliver Cockshutt tractor and Farmall H tractors with riders
165 John Deere Steel Wheel D Tractor John Deere Steel Wheel D Tractor with wide front end by Ertl
166 John Deere General Purpose FFA Tractor John Deere General Purpose Tractor with FFA decal by Ertl
167 John Deere Waterloo Boy Tractor John Deere Waterloo Boy Tractor by Ertl
168 John Deere General Purpose Tractor John Deere General Purpose Tractor by Ertl
169 John Deere Hit & Miss Engines 2 John Deere Hit & Miss Engines
170 Toy tractors Little Draws metal tool bosx on wheels, Tractor Mug and Cockshutt gas pump
171 White 2-135 Tractor Field Boss White 2-135 Tractor, Field Boss
172 John Deere D & 3010 Tractors John Deere D & 3010 Tractors
173 John Deere 620 Orchard or Grove Tractor John Deere 620 Orchard or Grove Tractor
174 John Deere 630 LP Tractor John Deere 630 LP Tractor with 6 row Mounted Planter
175 Small Train with Track/John Deere Small Train with Track, Engine & Coal Car, Shell Tank & Caboose, John Deere 2 cyl Express
176 Cast John Deere Tractors 2 John Deere Cast steel wheel tractors
177 John Deere toys, & others John Deere toys, Case golf cart, John Deere Wagon with child, Flag from Aburn,IN, Oliver Gang and a US Flag
178 Assorted 1/64 scale toys 1/64 tractors, Allis Chalmers round bailer, Co-op E-3, JD mixer, JD Gator, IL Farmall 1206 /disc & Case 600
179 1928 Antique look car radio 1928 Antique look Radio in shape of a car, wheel is the station dial
180 Tractor Collector Plates Tractor Collector plates, Brigden Ontario – Cockshutt, 1992 Drake Co Steam Threshers Assoc, 36 Anniv, Greenville, OH
181 IL 66 Series Collector Tractors IH 66 Series Collector Tractors, 9 sets of 4 & the 5 millionth tractor & Medallion all in their boxes
182 6 Coca Cola Collector Car & Trucks 6 CocaCola-Collector car & trucks in Boxes and Big Auto Parts Bank
183 Do-It-Best Semi in Box Do-It-Best Semi in Box, Caltex Semi in Box & 4 toy cars
184 Pewter train Engine, Coal car & Caboose Pewter Train Engine, Coal Car & Caboose, Pewter Steel Tractor Bank & Railroad Medallions
185 Grumman Step Van Bank by Ertl Grumman Step Van Bank, Classic Christmas Bank in Box, Waterloo Box Engine, Caterpillar 2 track type with box and 3 toy cars
186 John Deere Pickup & Trailer and Tire Pressure Gauge, etc. John Deere Pickup & Trailer, John Deere Tire Pressure Gauge, 1/64 JD tractor, Oliver gas pump , Mobil/Tokheim Pump in Box, and IH 1/16 tractor
187 Box of Collector Tractor cards Box of Collector Tractor cards, tractor picture, License plates, medallion, key chain, and notebook of over 200 collector tractor cards
188 Cast 8 horse hitch wagon & drivers 8 horse hitch, wagon with barrels, (kegs), dalmation dog and 2 drivers, all cast
189 Display case & contents Display case & contents, over 40 miniature tractors & cars, 1/64 & smaller
190 6 Oliver pictures 6 Oliver pictures, all Oliver, 4 are framed puzzles, 2 are metal signs
191 3 Tractor pictures & 3 signs 3 Tractor pictures and 3 metal signs, Cockshutt & Allis WC & 1 PLAQUE (7 PCS.)
192 VCR Tractor & Tractor Pull Videos VCR Tractor & Tractor Pull Videos
193 NAPA Tin Tow Truck Bank in Box “Pedar Cars” NAPA Tin Tow Truck Bank in Box, “Pedan Cars”
194 4 Needlepoint place mats 4 Needlepoint Place Mats, 2 Cockshutt & 2 Co-Op, 2 needlepoint napkin holders, 1 Massey-Harris, & 1 Co-op
195 Barrel Stool Wheels of Yesteryear Barrel Stool with green top
196 Assorted tractor magazines Assorted Tractor Magazines
197 Allis Chalmers Boy & Tractor WD-45 Allis Chalmers Boy & Tractor, WD-45,possible yard decor, and Unique Oliver Tractor & 3 farm wall plaques
198 Tractor, Wagons, Baler toys Tractor, Wagon, Baler, plows, all play toys
200 1975 Porsche 914 Convertible Beautifully restored 1975 Porsche 914 1.8 L. Vin# 4752907688. Current owner is only the second owner on the car purchased and she purchased it in 1976. Complete restoration 2 years ago. Tires almost new. Odometer showing 44K miles, but owner believes actual mileage is 144K. 2 sets of keys. Owner has all paperwork. Garage kept. Has not been driven in 2 years but starts and drives. Being sold as is.


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