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Cutshall Personal Estate
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Seller  Cutshall Estate

Sample of Items Selling:

Sportsman 48
83 Government
513-T Matchmaster
Sportsman 58
Mark XXII Blue/Walnut Clip (Italy)
Sportsman 12 Auto (cheap 1100)
M1903 A3
Model 31 Made by High Standard
M-1 Carbine
No. 1, K1-B-BBZ (1-10″ Twist)
A104I Sport King Special (Semi-Auto)
Nylon 66
Nylon 11 Clip Fed Bolt Action
Nylon 66
Silver Reserve
52 Target (Pre A model)
Model 29 Made by High Standard
22 Classic
452-2E ZKM  Walnut
P1011 Sport King Pump
7400 175th Anniv 1816-1991
99 M1
77-22 All Weather
R-55 Blue/Brown Laminate (NIB)
70 Stealth II
52D Heavy Barrel
989 M2
M1903 A3
597 Synthetic Magnum
597 Lam Bull Magnum
12 Varminter Low Profile
70 Stealth II
52D Heavy Barrel
SW9VE – Sigma
208 International
Buck Mark
T-Bolt Maple Stock
452 American
Model 72 22 LR/MWR
12 FV-S
52D Heavy Barrel
No. 1, K1-B-BBZ (1-10″ Twist)
700 ADL
870 Youth Pink Camo
M1903 Mark I (Cutout for Pederson Device)
70 Stealth II
99 M1
Nylon 11
70 Coyote
H003TM Pump Walnut
1100 Sporting 28
Anderson Mfg Lower
64 Match
Woodsman Match Target
452 FS
Model 1894
Citation II Mitchell Arms High Standard
A102 Sport King Carbine (Semi-Auto)
Mark X Classic (Yugoslavian)
Model 29 Made by High Standard
Model 30 Made by High Standard
Model TP9
82 Government
82 Government
84 Government
82 Government
99 M1
99 M1
62 Magnum
40X USMC Model (Bought as Barreled Receiver only)
40X USMC Model (Bought as Barreled Receiver only)
Nylon 66  Butt Stock Feed
552 BDL
700 VL SS Thumb Hole Stock
700 VL SS Thumb Hole Stock
11-87 SP
1100 LT-20
11-87 Premier NIB
11-48 Vent Rib Barrel
10/22 Charger
Mark II Target
K10/22 Walnut
No. 1 Blued
638 Airweight w/ Laser Sight Accy
AR-15 Assembled
Mark II
93R17 BTVS
64F  Black Plastic Stcok
12 BVSS Varmint
Model 41
1922 M2 Bolt Action Single Shot
M1903 Mark I (Cutout for Pederson Device)
Model M17C 4″ SS KL
PT 738
R-55 All Weather SS
36D Bolt Action Single Shot
Mark XXII Blue/Walnut Clip (Italy)
Mark XXII Blue/Walnut Clip (Japan)
52C Heavy Barrel
70 Coyote
70 Coyote
70 Coyote
Model 70 (pre 64) Super Grade
Model 12

— GUN TERMS & CONDITIONS: All guns must be transferred, picked up, or shipped through 7870 N Mayne Rd,
Roanoke, IN 46783. Please Contact Them at 260-672-3715. There will be a transfer fee per gun charged by
Hillside Shooting Sports upon pickup. Shipping is available at buyer’s expense. For all Out of State bidders, you must
provide a copy of the FLL contact info before end of auction to confirm shipping rules and regulations with. Hillside
Shooting Sports.

— GUN TRANSFER LOCATION FOR NON-LICENSEE’S: Hillside Shooting Sports is a federal firearms
licensee. Before any firearm is transferred into your possession, you will have to fill out a 4473 and pass a background
check. All background checks, transfers and related actions will have to be completed at 7870 N Mayne Rd, Roanoke,
IN 46783 . Federal Firearms Licensee’s may take possession of firearms purchased by them on the pickup date of the
auction provided they have a current, valid FFL. Non-FFL’s must pass a background check at the time they pick up their
firearms on a day designated by the Auctioneer. FELONS: If you are a convicted felon, even if you have had your right
to vote restored, you may not be able to own or possess firearms. Please do not bid on these weapons unless you have
been issued a possessory number by the BATF. SHOTGUNS & RIFLES: Hillside Shooting Sports can convey
long guns to you in the State of Indiana if you are from another state, provided that the long gun being conveyed is legal
in the state where you reside. HANDGUNS: If you are from a state other than the State of Indiana, we cannot transfer a
handgun to you. You will have to give the name and contact information for a federal firearms licensee in your area, and
they will transfer the handgun to the licensee and he will have to transfer it to you. That licensee may charge you an
additional fee for that service. This does not apply to long guns. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE OR RELATED OFFENSES:
If you have ever been convicted of a crime involving domestic violence, whether it was a misdemeanor or felony, you
may not possess firearms under Federal Law. If you are currently under a restraining order or charges of any kind related
to a domestic situation, you may not possess firearms under Federal Law. POSSESSION OF PURCHASED
FIREARMS: You will not be given possession of firearms purchased until your payment has been processed and you fill
out the appropriate paperwork and pass the background check. BACKGROUND CHECK STATUS DENIED: If you
purchase a weapon and are denied, you cannot bring someone else in to get a background check done. The background
check is on the bidder only. If you are the successful high bidder and are denied on the background check, we reserve
the right to place the firearm in the next available auction event and will resell it for you. You will be charged a 25%
commission on the sale.

Guns to be picked up at Hillside Shooting Sports, 7870 N Mayne Rd, Roanoke, IN 46783. Please Contact Them
at 260-672-3715. You will be contacted by the auction crew manager at end of auction to schedule a time during
Business Hours to acquire the guns and fill out the proper registration paperwork and background check within 1
week after auction ends.


DISCLAIMER & ABSENCE OF WARRANTIES: All items are sold “AS IS, WHERE IS” basis. No warranty or
representation, either expressed or implied, concerning the Personal Property, its condition, or the condition of any
other components on the Personal Property, is made by the Seller or Ness Bros. The information contained online or
in the Brochure is subject to verification by all parties relying on it. No liability for its accuracy, errors, or omissions
is assumed by the Seller or Ness Bros. Each potential bidder is responsible for conducting his or her own independent
inspections, investigations, inquiries, and due diligence concerning the personal property.