8 Downsizing Tips to Know Before you Make the Move

8 Downsizing Tips to Know Before you Make the Move

1. Keep your ‘Why front of mind?

Are you wanting to save money? Is it so you can travel?  When things get rough during the process remember this.

2.  What do you hope to achieve by downsizing your home?

How will downsizing improve your life?  A simpler life? Less clutter? Reduced cleaning time or maintenance?

3.  Play with your current floor plan

Depending on where you’re at with your downsizing plans, you could do a trial run in your current home. Remove some furniture and see how it feels to live with less. If you’ve committed to renting or buying a smaller home, draw out your floor plan, take measurements and work out exactly how things will fit in your new space.

4. Work out your non-negotiables

Before you choose your downsized house, make sure you have enough space to perform your core daily functions. Not doing so will drastically affect the outcome of your downsize. If you need a dedicated work space for office make sure you have enough room for everything.

5. Stop buying stuff the minute you decide to downsize.

Until you know how you live in a small space, it’s really not wise to make any new purchases in case they don’t fit in your new small space.

6. Decluttering starts now.

Even if you’re only just starting to think about downsizing, start getting rid of stuff now.

7. Storing Things Is OK

If there is not enough space for the things you are unsure about keeping, put them in storage until you know how you feel in your new space. Downsizing your home is a highly emotional process. In fact, it can be a lot like grieving. You are changing your life and giving up the things you once loved.

8. You are more than the house you live in

If you are considering downsizing your home remember that your value as a human is not defined by where you live or the possessions you hold. A fuller life is ahead of you but the transition period can be tough, so give yourself grace and only part with the things that you’re comfortable with getting rid of.


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