Bankruptcy, Personal Property

BANKRUPTCY AUCTION – R & M Landscaping and Excavating LLC

Tractors, Trucks, Trailers, Lawn Equipment, Tools & More
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Seller  Dusty Roach, Bankruptcy Trustee

Tractors and Vehicles

Caterpillar 416B Backhoe Tractor with Loader and Digger, Massey-Ferguson 1190 Tractor, Massey-Ferguson 263 Tractor, Massey-Ferguson Tractor with Massey-Ferguson 1032 Loader, Massey-Ferguson 232 Loader, Ford 1920 Utility Tractor, Bobcat 873, Finn Straw Shooters, 1991 IH CO-LFE 900 Hydra Seeder Unit, 1963 Ford F60 Truck, 1978 Ford F61 Truck, 1989 Ford F26 Truck, 1996 Chevy C3500 Truck, 1988 Chevy R30, 2001 GMC Sierra K2500, 1996 Dodge Ram 2500, 1994 Ford F Super Duty, 2000 Chevy K29, 1998 GMC K39, 1989 Chevy CK24, 1989 GMC K24, 1985 Chevy D14, 1995 Chevy K29, 1999 Dodge  F33, 1998 Chevy K24, 1990 Chevy K24, 1994 Dodge Van, 1990 ASM Flatbed Utility Trailer, 1995 TWF CC14 Trailer, 1999 ASM 3 axle Trailer, 2000 ASM 3 Axle Trailer, 1992 ASM Trailer, 1972 Fruehauf Trailer, Enclosed Utility Trailer, Tine Cultivator, Large Lawn Roller, Augers and other equipment.


Tools and Miscellaneous

Central Pneumatic Air Compressor, Caire Air Compressor, Acetylene Tanks, Lincoln Welder, Miller Welder, Generator, Toro CCR2000E Snow Blower, Toro CCR2450 Snow Blower, Toro CCR 1000E Snow Blower, Simplicity Snow Blower, Toro CCR 3650 Snow Blower, Toro CCR Power Kit Snow Blower, Metal Desk, Metal Tool Cabinet, Tool Chest, Grinder, Ronsmith Drill Press, Organizer Cases, Various Sizes Belts, Crates, Office Chair, Desk Lamp, Coolers, Fuel Cans, Buckets, Spreaders, Snow Shovels, Scoop Shovels, Coffee Maker, Tow Cables, Salt and Sand Spreading Box, Electric Cords, Floor Jack, Mechanic’s Creeper, Rakes, Pitch Forks, Shop Vac, Lawn Seed, Work Bench, Skil Saw, Socket Set, 2 Wheel Cart, Wheel Barrow, Chains, 6’ Wooden Step Ladder, 5’ Wooden Step Ladder, Stihl Weeder, Craftsman Weeder, Post Drivers, Hand Saws, Bolt Cutters, Corrugated Hose, Protemp 70,000 BTU Heater, Caution Cones, Barrels, Grill, Driveway Markers, Tanks, Truck Plow Blades, Fuel Tank, Grader Box, Wood Pile, Water Tanks, 6’ Table and other items.

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